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We write about the circular economy and regenerative business models. From the need for designers to embrace circularity in their work, to the enabling solutions that support the transition towards a regenerative world.
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Articles and talks

The Future of E-commerce - Is a bilateral experience an answer to circular shopping?

Exploring the untapped potential of a closed loop shopping system for companies and local administrations

Systemic Thinking in the Circular Economy
(Part I: Design)

How to foresee and prevent more waste from happening

Why the New Model of Business is Regenerative by Design

The unexplored economic advantage of the circular economy

The purpose of packaging design in a world without packaging

Shifting from linear to circular design practices, what can packaging designers do to stay relevant in a world where perhaps there might not be any packaging?

Why We Need Design for the Circular Economy

From Linear to Circular — it’s time to call out designers to rethink our broken economic model

A Conversation with Alice Casiraghi

A podcast interview for Disrupt Disruption, by Pascal Finette

Our circular future is a world of partnerships and radical new collaborations: we can reshape it together.

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Servitising your product offering is a big leap towards circularity. Let us guide you.

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