Loop it.

Rethinking your product as a service

Servitise your product

How effective are you in receiving user feedback? Do you have real understanding of your value chain or your community? What about after sales?

We'll help you design a service model that is both smart and circular.

Feedback loops

By servitizing your products you can close the loop with your real users. Gain control in customer feedback, improve customer loyalty, enhance personalization and localized features.

After sales

There's more life to your product post-consumption. Allow your customers to refill, repair and repurpose physical products. Strengthen user experience by upgrades and support them every step of the way through direct transparent communication.


Integrate digital technologies to trace your products along the whole value chain, for multiple life cycles. If John Legend recorded an album wearing those headsets, the next customer will know about it - or not, you choose.

Community building

The future of your brand lies in your community. Why not involve your users in R&D, empower them to become your service ambassadors, incentivize them to interact with each other and find new use cases, directly from those who use it the most.

New ways of creating value

Learn from and with your users: what you think is the biggest value-add may not be the case for your clients. Product-as-a-service can unlock new markets, pricing strategies and collaboration models. Imagination is our only limit here.

We live in an age of exponential changes, stay ahead of the curve and gain control of your value chain.

01. Understand your current value chain

Why: to gain insights on how your product ecosystem works today 

How: by using our Value Chain Mapping tool and Four Actors Framework, we’ll understand the direct and indirect dynamics of your product, key stakeholders and emerging opportunity.

02. Identify new opportunity and service model 

Why: to define the strategic direction and ideal scope of focus

How: we do research on market shifts, expectations, best practices and future scenarios. Through our process, we’ll tailor a service concept that aligns with your brand values and standards. 

03. Servitise your product’s future

Why: to move beyond product into service for better circularity

How: we design, test and build the user experience, interaction and revenue model. We’ll help you in defining use cases and developing go-to-market strategy.

04. Digitise and keep track

Why: to enable digital accessibility for your users and data-backed decision making for your teams

How: we turn your physical goods into a set of digitally accessible services by either building a tailored digital software or plugging you into an existing platform.

Take the opportunity to evolve your business model together with the community you serve.

To know more

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