Making the future circular, by design

We are a design and strategy studio specializing in circular economy solutions and new ways of creating value in the age of exponential change

What does that mean?

We map out global value chains, analyze material processes, establish partnerships and find creative ways to turn waste into value.

By combining systemic design with regenerative business strategy, we help decision makers lead the way into the biggest economic opportunity of our time. We design, strategise and enable circularity.

A multi-layered value proposition

Changing consumer behavior, carbon taxes, the widening gap of resources and demand, melting icebergs... you get the point.

Our promise is to help you shift your current value proposition into a multi-leveled one, the kind that maximizes environmental, financial and social value, all at the same time.

Mimicking natural systems

We already have a biological ecosystem where one’s waste is food for another. And we have organizations looking for more efficient ways to deal with natural resources.

By mimicking nature and zooming out from industry silos, we are able to design models that reduce, reuse and repurpose resources into new life.

Systemic, circular, digital: rethinking the future of our industries

Our expertise

Circular economy

Closing the gap between resources and waste, to support organisations in achieving a full control on their material resources.

Systemic design

We use design thinking and a systemic lens to map opportunities, find new business scenarios, envision future value chains.

Business strategy

We make sure that our solutions are profitable for the business, attract customers and protect natural ecosystems, all in one.

Tech solutions

From digital client interactions, to tracing technologies, material liberaries, we find the best way to support your circular transition.

Disruptive ideas

If all traditional ways haven’t worked so far, we’re here to experiment with you. Systemic connections can lead to surprising solutions.

Future casting

What are the possible alternatives and outcomes of your transition to net zero or zero waste? Let’s find out together.


In a regenerative setting, it’all about scratching each other’s back to foster efficiency. We help you find the right partners in your journey.

Cultural nuances

Our expertise comes from experience across the Eurasian regions and diversity is a key value in our work.

Visual communication

We can help you communicate your new circular journey through visual mapping, infographic and more visual assets.

What’s the real impact?

Between 2011-2020 the concentration of CO2 was the highest in the last 2 million years. By burning fossil fuels and disposing of materials and resources more quickly than their natural ability to regenerate, our industries fuel the climate crisis.

This poses a direct threat to human survival in the long run, and to business operations faster than we can imagine.

How does circularity solve the problem?

In order to support both fair human conditions, a healthy natural ecosystem and businesses running we need to decarbonise our industries: by using less fossil fuels, and by regenerating material resources for our products and services.

Our products and services need to be designed in a way that the materials can be recovered, and the resources used in their production can be regenerated in their natural environment.

Some of the big questions we can help you answer:

How can food waste and loss be prevented or repurposed into new value? What new customer experiences can we introduce to reduce waste?

In a highly integrated supply chain where performance is key, how can materials be recovered and reused across partners?

How can a brand switch to product-as-a-service, design to disassembly, and better engage customers in doing so?

How can the mobility sector decarbonise? How can our goods travel with a lower impact? How can our vessels be zero-waste?

How can packaging and chemicals be reduced while still providing the best experience to our customers?

How can waste be reduced in the built environment? What materials can be sourced locally? Can designs be more modular?

We can reach the 2030 climate goals together.

Let’s get started

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