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By Design.

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We design next-gen solutions through circular models. Founded upon the ideology of circular economy, we re-imagine cities and businesses of tomorrow.

The momentum is shifting from transactional thinking into a regenerative, restorative and circular ecosystem which will shape entire industries and shake up our socioeconomic systems.

The new generation of thinkers, entrepreneurs and makers have emerged. Like You.


An ecosystem is Circular when it generates zero waste.

All waste produced by business operations can be reintroduced in the system, creating additional products and services, new jobs and radically different models for revenue streams.

Our economy today is based on a linear model. Make-use-dispose.

It requires increasing amounts of resources to fuel and feed consumerism, yet our world is finite. This model is broken.

Ever thought about where all the waste ends? 
Exactly. We’ve decided it’s time to get real and look under the rug, and roll up our sleeves. We must re-design our urban ecosystems to match the demands of the 21st century.

Circular Design goes beyond sustainable and recycling models.

It means re-thinking our industrial processes and services by involving all relevant decision makers, developing solutions to reinsert its 'externalities' to be part of the offered value, service and consumption chain - what we call closing the loop.

There are 7.53 Billion ways of closing the loop.

This is a fundamental systems shift. And there is no right or wrong answers.

Shifting from linear to circular thinking is one of our biggest challenges today. But big challenges present big opportunities.
And this is a $4.5 Trillion industry. Do not miss it.

Whether you are a startup, Fortune500 or represent the public sector, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our key areas we focus on:

Case by case strategies

Product ownership is changing. Core value of servitized models are already shifting, and conventional trading channels are being disrupted everyday. We tackle these together with industry-experts to identify areas of opportunity, and help you design a circular strategy to guide your operations.

To lead circular innovation, we must unlearn the conventional ways of doing things.
This is not a singular ‘aha’ moment, but rather a collective process of perpetual iteration. To enable this in your teams, we build circular methods for constant creation - questioning and testing - of ideas within your organization for lasting impacts. 

Unlearning to innovate


Together, the founding team has more than 10 years of professional experience in a broad range of sectors from business management to interactive experience design. The duo has lived and worked in total 13 cities, across 4 continents, bridging cultural nuances through East and the West, private and public, connecting dots from startups to corporate C-level strategy execution.

Born with an innate passion to combine different fields to achieve social impact, the founding partners found a new way of thinking circular: merging their firm business understanding with creative crafts, and their technological skills with sustainable design. This is their story.  
This is their True North. 

Welcome to Future Urban Living - Circular Design in the Making.

Lu Ying

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Impact-driven Leader 
Circular strategist and a curious aggregator of diverse viewpoints

My wish is to enrich the vocabulary that decision makers use when they’re defining, identifying and building their path forward. Understanding why our economic model is built the way it is today is just as important as to not understand it. Having a more diverse repertoire for thinking and questioning, is the first step in actually seeing opportunities.

Alice Casiraghi

Co-founder & Experience Strategist

Award-winning Designer
Systemic thinker combining perspectives on local cultures, innovation and arts

Starting out as a service designer and subsequently moving into UXUI and branding, I have always shaped my career path researching how the creative and business worlds can interact with each other. It is about time for designers to use their power and tools to investigate more profound connections in modern socio-economical structures and prepare businesses for a sustainable and ethical future.

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We are born global. Headquartered in Shanghai, we have a special focus on the Asia Pacific market.


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