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We are a circular strategy company

By combining systemic design with regenerative business strategy, we help decision makers lead the way into the biggest economic opportunity of our time. We design, strategise and enable circularity.

Because the way we create value is already changing

Changing consumer behavior. Carbon tax. The widening gap of resources and demand.  Melting icebergs... you get the point.

Our promise is to help you shift your current value proposition into a multi-leveled one, the kind that maximizes environmental, financial and social value. All at the same time.

Towards circularity



What if circular innovation was part of your roadmap?

Not just a marketing stunt, but an actual competitive advantage.

It all starts from here. Think big, think bold, think in alternatives. We help you set a circular vision - then we backcast our way to get there.

Want to become fully regenerative by 2025? Perhaps develop a bio-based version of your current offering?

We map out ecosystems to build scenarios and help you align your circular goals with the current roadmap.



From human-centered design to life-centered design

More than 80% of a product’s environmental impact is determined during its design phase.

Design is powerful. For circular solutions, we maximize material life cycles with a systemic approach: shifting focus from the user-centered ‘me’ towards the planet-centered ‘we’.

Mimicking nature, we design waste out of your business and get creative with finding entirely new ways to do what you do.



Regenerative business makes regeneration its business

There is no reason why a business couldn’t thrive both economically and environmentally.

Circular economy unlocks new revenue streams, minimizes underutilized capacity and opens the door for entirely new ways of engaging with your users.

To transform from our extractive economy into a regenerative one, we think in systems over silos, collaboration over competition and resourcefulness over resources.



Human capital, our most valuable asset

The age of mass participation is already here. Are you empowering your team to lean in?

We know that great things in business are never achieved by one person. Think diversity, cross-functional talent, shared vision and decentralized collaboration.

We enable your team’s circular thinking - so you won’t have to be dependent on us. In the long run, it all comes down to your education system and the people you attract.


Complex, not complicated

We are exploring life on Mars.
Saving our existing biological metabolism should be a walk in the park.

No? Okay, what we mean is that we already have a biological ecosystem where one’s waste is food for another.

By mimicking nature and zooming out from industry silos, we are able to design models that reduce, reuse and repurpose resources into new life.

Are you interested in building a circular company culture?

That’s a great way to start your journey into the Circular Economy. Get in touch.

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