Regenerative business through systemic design

Because we can’t solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

How might we work together?

Circular vision

Shifting towards a more adaptive and restorative future requires an overarching vision yet a digestible roadmap.

Not knowing how to get there is the most typical response we get today - and it’s fine, as long as our eyes are locked on the target. We’ll help you build a feasible circular vision aligned with your values and goals.

Systemic design

This is where the magic happens. No matter if your product or service is simple or complex, we analyze the system you operate in and design solutions to reduce, recycle or reuse all waste and materials into new life.

What is systemic design?

Systemic design comes from complexity theories and is used by designers to tackle complex problems. It merges many disciplines together and its pluralistic approach helps us build real-world solutions that are environmentally, financially and socially interesting.


End user needs, drivers & behavior
Cross-disciplinary exploration Product life expansion Intervention models Service/UX design
Systemic design
Cradle-to-cradle design
Industrial ecology mapping Discovery-driven learning & prototyping


Customer journeys
Circular blueprints Regenerative concepts
Circular experience journeys Qualitative modeling

Regenerative business

Without fiscal viability, green solutions make no sense. We study your business and develop ways to minimize underutilized capacity, maximize synergies across value chains and strategize circular business models.  

What is regenerative business?

Regenerative business is an economic model that is restorative and resilient by design. Opposite to the linear make-take-waste economy, regenerative operations do not only aim at recycling used resources but repurposing them back into circulation for new life.


Business model assessment Strategic analysis Supply/value chain analysis
Ecosystem and cross-sector mapping
Pre-competitive analysis Product life cycles
Stress test for circular models
Business context expansion Societal context expansion Scenario mapping against trends and externalities Technology-driven enabling
Scalability evaluation Organisation design
Venture building


Implementation strategy Regenerative business cases Financial models
Circular opportunities and models

Building capability

As business executives, we’ve implemented and led organizational change ourselves.

It’s not comfortable - there’s no sugarcoating this. Respecting resistance, consistency in education, open communication and the culture of iteration helps however. Circular innovation is new and we’ve learned that best-fitting solutions come co-created between your in-house teams and our experts.

A single workshop or 3-year circular program, we enable your team to think in systems, maximize multi-leveled value propositions and get creative in restorative ways.

When we first set out to study circular solutions,
we realised the tools available today are no longer viable for complex, multi-stakeholder, systemic thinking.

So we developed our own.


We’ve developed a set of tools to help you think in systems, synergize across sectors, prototype in context and respond to the rise of impact-driven economies.

Our tools are available on Miroverse

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